Authorized U-HAUL Truck Rental


Designed to move families – not freight.

  • 50% easier to load.
  • Newest, safest fleet in the industry.
  • 24 hour emergency road service.
  • More locations, more convenience


Why Choose U-Haul Truck Rentals?

Our U-Haul moving trucks are designed from the ground up to move families….not freight.  You can depend on our comfortable, reliable U-Haul Truck rentals to save wear and tear on your family, the most important parts of any do-it-yourself move.  The U-Haul Trucks and U-Haul Vans can easily, safely and smoothly handle rooms of household goods.  Also, our exclusive Mom’s Attic (the extra storage space U-Haul Trucks provide directly above the cab) is the perfect place to transport your most delicate possessions.

Even if you’re making a local move, larger is better.  U-Haul Truck Rental Experts suggest that more floor space lets you stack lower and spread things out.  So even if you don’t need every inch of space, you”ll find that all this extra room takes the real work out of loading and uploading.  And the extra space means fewer trips, too.


Loading has never been easier, thanks to our Low Decks.  U-Haul moving vans are specifically built close to the ground.  Plus, our loading ramps are the widest in the industry……reducing the time and effort needed to take your belongings in and out on the van body.

The Gentle -Ride Suspension on U-Haul moving vans ensure that even your most delicate possessions benefit from gentle cross-town or cross-country transportation.  It’s the smoothest ride available in any do-it-yourself moving van.

Get the right equipment to move what’s important to you – your family and possessions. 

U-Haul Trucks

  • Smoothest, quietest cab ride in the industry.
  • Driver side airbags in all trucks.
  • Specially designed cab and mirrors ensure maximum visibility.
  • Low decks make U-Hual trucks 50% easier to load.
  • Three across belted seating.
  • Designed for household moving.

Beware competitor’s freight trucks

  • Rough ride.
  • No airbags in large truck.
  • Limited visibility.
  • 48″ dock height decks built for moving freight by professional truck drivers.
  • Not suitable for operating in residential neighborhoods.


Our U-Haul Trucks 

  • 10′ Mini Mover Truck
  • 15′ Thrifty Mover Truck
  • 17′ Easy Loading Truck
  • 20′ Easy Loading Mover
  • 24′ Household Truck
  • 26′ Super Mover Truck